In 2015, Emily Oliver was involved in a car crash in Saucier that injured her, her best friend and took her brother’s life.
But, she’s not letting that keep her down.
News 25’s Caroline Eaker has the story as Emily begins her journey to become Ms. Wheelchair Mississippi.

At just 15 years old a car crash left Emily Oliver without the use of her legs and wheelchair bound.
But fast forward three years and life looks a lot different for the now 18 year old.
“It’s been a ride. The past three years I have had a baby I have gotten married I have been through my first car accident since my car accident I have visited my bothers grave for the first time I went to the scene of the accident for the first time this Christmas,” says Oliver.
Despite the hardships of the past three years Emily is looking to turn her pain into her passion and step out of her comfort zone and compete for the title of Ms. Wheelchair Mississippi.
Oliver says, “It’s hard to feel confident when you look at the average beauty standards and realize you are sticking a big hunk of metal under you.”
The title will give her the opportunity to travel around the state speaking about her platform, “The disability behind a disability.”
“The mental side of it or the physical side of it, I didn’t lose just my legs you know I lost control of bladder and bowels and you know I had to basically re-learn how to live. It was difficult and nobody sees that,” she says.
as Ms. Wheelchair Mississippi, Emily is planning to create the Emily Oliver foundation, to not only support woman and young girls in wheelchairs but also advocate for better accessibility for wheelchairs.
“You go to places that aren’t very accessible and small bathrooms and it’s super hard. I just really want people to know. This is real this happens to us and nobody thinks about it and nobody thinks about the way it makes us feel.”
Emily will need 850 dollars to be able to attend the state pageant and is asking for the communities help. If you would like to donate contact Jourdan Hartshorn at 228 236 7233.
In Gulfport, Caroline Eaker, News 25.

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