Local Students Receive History Lesson from Veterans

School textbooks can only cover so much about U.S. history. As time progresses, our nation’s past war stories become a smaller focus, but Thursday, Gulfport High School students got a firsthand history lesson from the veterans in the community.

Katie Frederick and her classmates got the chance to tour the Armed Forces Retirement Home to see how veterans live after devoting a majority of their lives to our country. Frederick says, "I think that to have a well-rounded community, you have to know what everyone else is doing and how they’re spending their time."

The students’ tour guide was Navy veteran, Maynard Howard. He says, "I enjoyed it. I hope they did. Had a short one, but I think it was a good one all the way through."

Howard showed how the veterans lived with one another while exploring many hobbies and discovering new talents. Veteran, Bill Williams, showed off his unique wood work. Williams says, "It appeared that they might have enjoyed it and that’s what it’s all about. I don’t do this for money. I do it for people to enjoy."

Class teacher, Mark Geissinger, says he wanted the students to learn how important communication is between generations. Geissinger says, "Words on a paper can only go so far, so making that human connection is a totally different ball game, so it’s a game changer and I think the kids get a great bit out of it and the veterans love it too."

One of Frederick’s favorite parts of the tour was the war museum because it made her better understand the sacrifices of our veterans. Frederick closes, "To see the actual displays of honor that they have done, you don’t get that until you see it here and this is a good place to see it."

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