Local Shelter Open Tonight

For those affected by the severe weather, there is a shelter open tonight in Gulfport. News 25’s Gina Tomlinson heard stories from some of the people staying there.
Severe flooding had families fending for their lives and many people seeking assistance at the County Farm Road shelter in Gulfport. Some were still in disbelief. “I never expected that, I mean it was a normal rain until I got there,” said Gulfport resident Tara Lowrey.
Lowrey says she was on her way to work when her car was fully submerged under water. “The farther I went, before I knew it, it was deep. There was nothing I could do.”
For an hour and a half she waited in the rain to be rescued inside her car and her dog at her side barking at the rising tide. “Killed my car. The water was pushing my car the other way and had it not been for this guy in a white truck, I would have been in real trouble,” said Lowrey.
The Red Cross tells News 25 they had many people here this morning but they will stay open through the night for anyone affected by the storm. “Earlier there had been quite a number of families, but the real purpose for having a shelter is just a temporary place for you to regroup,” said Ron Henderson with the American Red Cross.
The American Red Cross and Harrison County Emergency Management are providing the flood victims with food, water and a place to lay their heads. “As long as the water starts receding, people can get back into their homes,” said Henderson.
Red Cross plans to keep the shelter open until tomorrow morning.

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