Local seventh grader scores big on ACT

Harrison County School District is no stranger to students scoring well on the ACT, but usually those students are in high school.

Landon Blake recently took the test and had a composite score of 31 and even had a perfect score of 36 on the reading portion, but what makes this a bit rare is that he is a seventh grader at West Wortham Middle School.

Now, keep in mind the national average for high schoolers taking the ACT is 21.

Landon tells News 25 once he graduates from high school he wants to attend MIT and study computer programming. “Whenever I realized I had made a 31 I was shocked and I was crazy happy. My mom was freaking out. She was so excited. She was probably more excited than I was.”

Landon’s mom, Elizabeth Blake, said, “We are going to take him to a steak dinner and we are going to give him some money to spend on anything he wants. It doesn’t have to be books.”

This achievement comes as Landon’s second score on the ACT. As a sixth grader he scored a 27. His plans now? To take the ACT every year until he achieves a perfect score of 36.

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