Local Restaurants Not Required to Offer Lent Menu

While schools may be offering different options to students for lent, local restaurants could be a different story.

National chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s bring out their Lent menu every year to offer options to customers. While local restaurants are under no such obligation, many that News 25 spoke to are offering some sort of Lent-friendly option. Gulf Coast restaurants have a unique advantage since most seafood is allowed during Lent.

Brian Ladner, owner of Broadway Bar and Grill, says, "Being on the Gulf Coast, predominantly where seafood is, it’s very important to press the issue and take the respect of the people who are willing to give up that sacrifice for Lent. I think it’s absolutely necessary for everyone to have some sort of option."

While the Broadway Bar and Grill may not have a special Lent menu yet, they say they are always willing to work with any customer’s dietary restrictions.

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