Local resident stars in upcoming movie

Landon Baxter from Biloxi is starring in his first film ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” The movie will release on April 28th.

Baxter, 16, started acting when he was eight. It all started when he was talent scouted at a zoo event in New Orleans. He was also offered to go to Launch Academy Acting School.

Eventually, he was sent to LA to start auditions that helped him star in commercials and his first film ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” “It’s about this girl Margaret who is just finding her way through life as a classic coming of age story. Finding her way through puberty and religion. My character is Evan Wheeler. I play Nancy Wheeler’s brother, the main character, Margaret, her best friend’s brother. My character is goofy. He’s a crazy boy going through puberty and likes to bully his younger sister.”

Baxter says the movie was a lot of hard work, but worth it in the end and easier when his grandma was around. His grandma, Angie Quinones, stayed with him for a month and a half while he was filming. “So, it was very interesting to be able to see how all the different actors and they do different parts and how it all goes together. They allowed me to watch while he was filming. We’re very proud of him and I can’t wait to see the movie.”

The red carpet appearance was an unforgettable experience for Baxter where fans yelled his name and asked for autographs. “It was the best experience in my life. The best thing about it is the people I met. I mean, I’m still best friends with all the kids. So, that was my favorite thing about it was meeting the people. It was just an awesome experience, so much fun.”

Baxter plans on watching the movie surrounded by family and friends when it is available in theaters. He wants to continue acting and be ready for his next film.

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