Local organizations looking for community support this holiday season

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global generosity movement that encourages people to do good in their community.

Locally, you can consider donating to organizations like Loaves and Fishes in Biloxi. They’re still looking for a new space to lease or rent until their long-term option becomes available.

With the help of other nonprofits, they have a feeding location, but still need a kitchen facility.

Ideally, they would like to cook and feed in the same location, but in the meantime, they’re asking for the community to help them find a food truck.

Despite the potential challenges, Loaves and Fishes has every intention to carry on feeding the hungry like they have for the past 38 years. Loaves and Fishes Operations Manager Aliese Halcomb said, “We provide a very essential part of life which is food. So, without us, it would be very hard for people in East Biloxi to feed their families and put a roof over their head because they would be worried about feeding their family instead of paying water bills.”

The last feeding at their Water Street location will take place on Christmas Day.

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