Local National Guardsman returns to family in Saucier

A Saucier National Guardsman returns home after a year of deployment overseas.

Specialist Dylan Rogers’ wife Olivia, daughter Amelia, and parents Scotty and Cheryl waited for him at their family home in Saucier over the weekend.

When 21-year-old Specialist Rogers arrived, flags waved in the breeze along his driveway.

Though he says nothing will replace the experience of deploying to the Middle East, from driving 30 tons trucks to firing bazookas, nothing beats coming home and having a plan for the future.

Originally from Alabama, Rogers’ family moved to Saucier during his 11-month deployment. “I’m going to take probably two or three weeks, spend some time with my family, go out, do some stuff, and then I’m going to start back working with Ashplundh Tree Services. I feel good man, I’m back at home, getting to see my family again, been gone a long time. Just glad to be back.”

Rogers hopes to retire with Ashplundh Tree Services and buy a home.

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