Local moms donating breast milk to those in need

Amid the current baby formula shortage, moms across the country are donating and selling breast milk to make sure no baby goes hungry.

Moms are connecting on Facebook, the group ‘Human Milks for Human Babies’ creates a space for moms to request or offer breast milk in their area.

First time mom Casey Green of Ocean Springs realized her milk stash was larger than she anticipated and decided to help other moms on the Coast who are in need.

Green tells News 25 she couldn’t imagine the fear mother’s have of not being able to feed their babies. “I have, it’s like 200 something ounces. So, I’m giving all of that away because he’s good and I’m good. I’m keeping up with it and actually trying to up my pumping as well so I can try to continue to help these women. Some of the moms actually don’t have the ability to produce at all and obviously with the formula shortage, they can’t even find any other option.”

Green says she advocates for breast feeding education and lactation consultants to help moms increase their milk supply.

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