Local liquor stores preparing for New Year’s Eve

The new year is right around the corner and liquor stores across the Coast are preparing for an increase in sales, but some drinks may be harder to come by this year.

To prepare for the New Year’s Eve celebrations, the Liquor House Wine and Spirits in Ocean Springs has been busy making sure all their shelves are stocked to meet the needs of their customers. Owner Brad Powell said, “The preparation for the Christmas and New Years’ time has to take place at the end of November, first part of December. You made your order there so that you get the product in now to keep your shelves full for these two weekends.”

Powell says sales have been booming since the pandemic hit, making it a little harder to get product in due to the high demand. “It has been a challenging year. For the entire year, sales have been up across the state. We have had a little trouble with getting product in.”

Garret Barnes, owner of On the Fly Wine and Liquor in Biloxi, says they have also had great business, but the state warehouse is behind by three weeks. “It makes it very challenging as a business owner to plan three weeks ahead of time on what you are going to sell.”

Not only are warehouses behind, a lot of materials are out of stock. “There are a lot of bottling issues, glass shortages, plastic shortages, plastic cap shortages.”

Both owners say they are prepared for the New Year’s Eve rush. “Tequila sales are definitely up. People are trying different things, different tequilas, different bourbons, bourbons are extremely popular.”

“New Year’s we are looking forward to lots more champagne.”

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