Local group helps aspiring chef on the Gulf Coast

Tonight at the Lady May, one lucky woman received some extra help in making her dreams come true.

Margie Magee is a student at MGCCC with plans to complete her associate’s degree and become a chef.

Today she was awarded the community college scholarship on behalf of the Mississippi Business Women of Ocean Springs.

It’s an exciting time for Magee as she’s passionate about cooking comfort food and plans to open a food truck soon!

The food truck’s name will be Nana’s Southern Soul Food and Treats which is fitting for Magee. She’s a mom to four and grandmother to 13.

She’s grateful for the scholarship and advises other women that it is never too late to pursue their passion. Magee said, “Don’t give up. You’re never too old to learn. Your mind is steady going. Don’t ever give up on your dream. I’m 49, but I keep coming back and pursuing my dream.”

Jackie Castro-Cooper with Mississippi Business Women of Ocean Springs said, “It’s so exciting to have women of a certain age be picked for scholarships because we usually see younger women and men. So, seeing that joy is exciting and they feel uplifted and supported.”

Magee was also given a Women of Wisdom Care Closet gift certificate to be used for purchasing business attire.

For those interested in applying for the scholarship, contact MGCCC.

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