Local Group, Fed Up with 50th, Advocates for Education Funding

Mississippi is generally last on many lists and unfortunately, education is one of them.

When it comes to education, Mississippi is failing, ranking last in the nation according to Education Week. A new local group is Fed Up with Being 50th and blame the low ranking with the low funding of education in the state. Julia Weaver, spokesperson for Fed Up with 50th, says, "Our kids aren’t 50th, but our education system has been chronically under-funded and we want our legislators to fully fund our education system every year."

According to Education Week, Mississippi was 51st, behind Washington, D.C., in student achievement last year, and currently ranks last in science and engineering readiness. Some local school leaders believe more funding and more staffing would help. Alison Block, Principal of Magnolia Park Elementary, says, "The number one thing that I’ve seen in our elementary schools is that our teacher to student ratio is having to go up. Right now, I have 27 kids in every single 3rd grade classroom. I really need another 3rd grade unit."

While groups like Fed Up with 50th continue to lobby for more funding, school administrators continue to make do with what they have, but know that additional money will go a long way towards new computers, teachers, and even new library books. Weaver also says, "These children that are in school today will either run our state or will be run out of our state and we’re asking what it’s going to be."

Block closes, "We have dipped into our savings accounts to make ends meet, and I know for us as an individual school, we go to our P.T.O., but we are blessed in that sense that we have that community support when we need or want something for our kids."

Fed Up with 50th is asking people to join their digital march on Jackson by going to their Facebook or Twitter pages, and voicing their opinion.

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