Local girl will meet Martina McBride

A D’Iberville High School student that has been spreading positivity in her school and community is getting a chance to meet a country music star.

Mary Kaitlyn Jones and her best friend started ‘The Cloud Effect’, an anti-bullying campaign during their freshman year at D’Iberville High School. Mary Kaitlyn said, “A cloud is to represent our groups or cliques or the school or the community, it can be anything that you want it to be and we are those particles. We have to work together to create a bond in this community.”

Now a junior, she wants to keep moving forward to make bullying non-existent and her mother, Shannon Bicket, couldn’t be more proud. That’s why she entered ‘The Cloud Effect’ into Martina McBride’s Christmas of Joy contest as part of her ‘Team Music is Love Movement’ dedicated to help people through the power of music. “You know, thinking about all of Martina’s songs, which one would describe Mary Kaitlyn, and it would be the one called ‘Anyway.’ Do it anyway, dream it anyway, sing it anyway and that is Mary Kaitlyn’s spirit.”

Martina McBride is set to sing at the Beau Rivage this coming Friday night. On every stop on her tour, she chooses one group that is making a difference in their community to do a meet and greet with and to post a video about their stories on Martina’s website.

Mary Kaitlyn and her mother recently found out ‘The Cloud Effect’ had been chosen. “I was in school and she text me and said ‘you won’ and I was like ‘what?’ and she said ‘you won’ and I was like what does that even mean?”

Mary Kaitlyn says as she scrolls through social media she gets frustrated because of all of the negativity she sees and she hopes with the large following Martina McBride has that ‘The Cloud Effect’ can gain more light and spread more positivity. “I’m just excited that it’s going to get out there more and that somebody who can take it a farther step is interested in it.”

“The goal of ‘The Cloud Effect’ is for each school to create their own cloud and if she’s posting it on her social media, nationwide, worldwide, who knows, another school may pick it up and try to implement the program into their school.”

Mary Kaitlyn hopes this opportunity will open new doors for ‘The Cloud Effect’ and for anti-bullying movements everywhere.

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