Local football players donate time at Feed my Sheep

The Harrison Central Red Rebels grabbed serving spoons instead of footballs this afternoon.
Five members of the football team volunteered at Feed my Sheep in Gulfport. This was all to help kick-off the inaugural Port City Bowl that happens this Friday. This is co-hosted by Harrison Central High School and Gulfport High School to help raise funds to support Feed my Sheep.
Players say they are happy to serve their community. Harrison Central Football Player Samuel Quick said, “Try to come out and help the best that we can. Like I said, we have time and we like to donate it to people that need our help and it makes us feel good and it makes them feel good, also.”
The games this Friday are to kick-off the high school football season and will be held at Milner Stadium. Harrison Central will be playing Jefferson Davis County and then right after Gulfport will host George County.

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