Local farm in Saucier makes their own dairy products

Did you know that there’s a local farm on the Coast that makes their own dairy products?

Green Acres Creamery is a family business run by April Bond and her family. She is the third generation to operate the dairy farm, which has been in her family for 65 years.

She and her husband started the creamery in 2022, adding a variety of dairy products, flavors, and more.

Each family member has a certain role when it comes to daily tasks. Bond’s husband is in charge of the cattle, leaving her to the bottling and pasteurizing. Even their two children have joined in when it comes to keeping things stocked in their store on the farm.

People have visited from out of state to buy their products due to their delicious taste. Bond said, “It amazes us the amount of traffic that we have in this store that come up here, especially our Saturdays. Our Saturdays are crazy; our yard would stay packed the entire Saturday from opening to close. It’s been amazing, the community support.”

If you can’t get to the farm, you can check out your local grocery or convenience store. Necos General Manager Tommy Cuevas said, “Necos was the first store the milk was brought into, sells like crazy. When it’s out of stock customers are asking when we’re going to be in stock. It’s a great, great seller for us.”

April delivers her milk products to over ten stores on the Coast and before she can unload them in the coolers, people are grabbing it out of crates. “Whenever you walk in and see a store you stocked really good, it’s completely empty in one week, I mean that is exciting. It makes us proud.”

Anyone is welcome to the farm during business hours which are Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The family is hoping to expand the business in the future.

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