Local dog to compete in National Dog Show

For some, the main televised event on Thanksgiving is football, for others it’s the National Dog Show on NBC. If you are someone who loves to see the dogs, we have a local one for you to root for!

One local dog has put her best paw forward and has been traveling the country competing in prestigious dog shows. Dog Owner Donna Patterson said, “So, she has been a traveling show dog for about two years. She got her first ‘best in show’ in Kansas earlier in the year.”

Boots is a five-year-old black Russian Terrier and already has a doggone impressive resume. She is currently ranked the number one female black Russian dog in the country for the second straight year. “It’s kind of like if your kid gets to be a Rhodes Scholar or something. In the show world, that is like the Rhodes Scholar when they win these big shows like that.”

This coming Thursday, the country will be able to watch Boots strut her stuff on national television during the National Dog Show in Philadelphia on WXXV-NBC. Boots’ owner Donna Patterson tells News 25 she did very well at this competition which is pre-recorded before Thanksgiving. “She got a group two placement in the working group. It is really exciting. Lots of time you’ll see them on TV and you’ll only see a little blimp of them, but she actually got second place in the working group. So, she gets to be chosen in the final four of the working group.”

Boots is almost ready to retire as a show dog. Her last show will be the Westminster Dog Show in New York City this coming February. “Only the top five dogs in the country are qualified for Westminster. The top five in every breed gets a Westminster invitation and both her and her brother are Westminster invitees this year. It’s a really good feeling for me.”

You can catch Boots at the National Dog Show on WXXV-NBC at noon on Thanksgiving Day.

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