Local Dispatchers Make 100 Gift Bags

In the wake of recent police shootings, a group of past and present dispatchers from Gulfport and long beach got together to create 100 gift bags for dispatchers working in Baton Rouge. The bags had everything from candy to Advil to basic items the group says dispatchers need to survive. A former dispatcher with the Gulfport police department says the group wanted to show their support because they all know what it’s like being the first one to answer a 911 phone call and hearing that cry for help.
Gail Williams tells News 25, “We knew that the dispatchers were stressed so she had an idea to get a goody bag a survival kit, a dispatcher survival kit together for the dispatchers to let them know was thinking of them. “
Cindy Myers tells News 25, “It’s just so heartwarming to see the looks on their faces because dispatchers are always heard. They are never seen.”
The group of dispatcher’s drove to the Baton Rouge police department to deliver the gift bags over the weekend.

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