Local Designs Art for Baton Rouge Police

One Gulfport resident is taking his personal talents and bringing them to the Baton Rouge Police Department.
Adam Nash worked for 12 hours on a wood sculpture of the state of Louisiana. The special twist is he painted an American flag with the blue stripe honoring law enforcement on the sculpture.
Nash tells News 25 he is not an emotional person, but after six Baton Rouge officers were shot and three of them killed, he wanted to take action to show his support. “I think it’s really important that they know that they aren’t risking everything for nothing. People do still care about them and respect them and want them to keep doing what they’re doing,” said Nash.
Nash is delivering the sculpture on Monday, August 1st to Baton Rouge. If you want to add your notes, cards or any gifts to the police department, you can contact Adam through Ace Designs on Facebook.

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