Local community leaders hold summer programs to help at-risk youth

Here in Mississippi, community leaders are striving to end gun violence, especially among our youth.

A memorial sits in front of the Climb CDC Center in Gulfport where a 16-year-old was shot and killed last Friday.

Extend-a-Hand, Help-a-Friend CEO Jeffrey Hulum was one of the first individuals on scene to assist in the tragedy, saying it could have been prevented with the proper intervention.

Hulum explains the whole Coast needs to work together on providing youth programs like their summer enrichment camp at the Gaston Point Community Center.

He says camp can be life changing for at-risk youth. “We have too many kids that get lost in the cracks because they’re either at home staggering their education and they lost their way. We have to give them something to bring them back to the folds of being outstanding citizens in all of our communities.”

Camp Counselor Jeanine ‘GMama’ Handy said, “This is a must that we need to have to give these kids something to do in these communities so they don’t have to worry about getting in trouble and stuff. So, they can come sit down and talk if they have a problem or what have you.”

Registration for the free summer camp begins Thursday and Friday. To register call 228-574-5952. The camp runs from June 13th through July 8th. Children will receive breakfast and lunch during the camp.

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