Local Businesses Under Water in Gulfport

News 25’s Kristen Durand was out on the corner of Dedeaux Road and Highway 49 as some local businesses were doing all they could to salvage what was left after getting nearly two feet of water. Some of the businesses News 25 spoke with said they didn’t receive nearly this much water during Katrina. News 25 spoke with Melissa Fischer from Melissa’s Bakery. She and her family started out by trying to shovel some of the water out then moved on to just getting everything out of there. Sadly, she says none of her equipment was salvageable and she had no flood insurance. “Oh my God, what are we going to? You know because it’s going to close us down for a while. Just devastation, it was awful. Stuff floating, all my stuff floating, electronics under water, my coolers under water, everything under water,” said Fischer
Fischer wants to let people know that anyone who has bakery orders that they bake from a different location, so the orders will be just fine.

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