Local businesses preparing for Cruisin’ the Coast

Cruisin’ the Coast starts this coming Sunday and local businesses are doing everything they can to prepare for what is sure to be a busy week.

Bars, restaurants, and shops in Ocean Springs are doing everything they can to prepare for Cruisin’ the Coast. The event brings in more than $6 million into the community of Ocean Springs during the event. Charisma Boutique Owner Brandin Brosh said, “We’re really excited to welcome all the cruisers to downtown Ocean Springs and the Coast in general. It’s great for business. It brings a lot of tax dollars and stimulates the economy down here. Ocean Springs, in my opinion, is the favorite event of the Coast. So, we get a lot of people down here in those three days.”

USA Today has ranked Cruisin’ the Coast the number one car show in the country. It provides an opportunity to see a boom in sales during the week which means an increase in supplies and new hires for local businesses. The Lady May Co-Founder Will Taylor said, “We’ve been staffing up. We’ve reached out to all our suppliers to make sure that everything is gonna be on hand, you know, which has been a big problem with everyone in the restaurant industries.”

“So, for us we have the event downtown right at our storefront for three full days so we definitely have to have extra inventory to put out ready to go because we have so many people coming through the store.”

Car enthusiasts from almost all of the states will be here spending money. Some of these businesses even open earlier than usual to get a head start on sales and closer later to drive in more customers. “Normally we’re open 10 to 6, but during Cruisin’ the Coast we open at 8 a.m. because the cruisers are out here at 5 ready to go. So, we open at 8 a.m. for them and we kinda get a little bit of business going, but it’s easier for my girls to get here and have time to park and us to get ready for the big day.”

Now with tourism on the rise, businesses are expecting an even larger crowd than usual to prepare for the 25th Cruisin’ the Coast. “Doing this for the last three years, it’s hard to fathom that it could be bigger, but I hear this event has the largest amount of cars that will be here.”

For a complete schedule of Cruisin’ the Coast events, click here.

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