Local business travels to Louisiana for hurricane relief

As the second week of recovery begins from Hurricane Ida in South Louisiana, businesses on the Mississippi Gulf Coast continue to help our neighbors in need.

News 25’s Lorraine Weiskopf traveled to Terrebonne Parish today with a crew from Dad’s Super Pawn to deliver supplies and has more on the efforts there.

The Upper Little Caillou School was completely ripped apart by Hurricane Ida, like the majority of the City of Chauvin. For residents trying to rebuild from Hurricane Ida, there’s only one way to describe the situation they are in. Ward 7 Citizens Club member Keisha Foret said, “It’s been horrible from gas to the lines to leave here to go get fuel. It’s just been rough.”

Kendall Williams with the Cajun Army said, “It’s just so hard on people when you can’t turn your water on to drink, you don’t have any. You can’t take a bath. Your whole life is changed.”

Little Caillou Fire Department Fire Chief Marty Thibodeaux said, “There’s a lot of destruction. This is the most destruction I’ve seen from one hurricane. There’s probably more destruction from this hurricane than any hurricane I’ve seen put together in this area.”

On Monday, Dad’s Super Pawn Owner Kevin Riley made his tenth trip to Louisiana dropping supplies at the Citizens Club in Chauvin. A place where residents can pick up essential supplies at no cost to them.

This is Riley’s fifth time going to this city, bringing water, cleaning supplies, canned goods, and more. It’s a trip he never hesitates to take. “They are so thankful. Your heart goes out and it just makes that one minute worth every hour it takes to get here.”

They couldn’t be more appreciative. “We’ve had truck loads and trailer loads of stuff coming from Mississippi, from Gulfport and the Long Beach area. You guys have been great. Almost every other day truck loads come from that area.”

“We’re just coming over here, doing our best to help out.”

“We’re just one of many communities along the Gulf that pretty much got wiped out. I’m sure it’s a long road to recovery, but we’re all here. No one got killed from it. People like y’all bringing stuff, it makes it easier when we have help from guys like you.”

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