Local business preparing for supply disruptions

Halloween is this Sunday and the last thing on your mind is probably Christmas shopping.

Yet, retail experts are encouraging you to get started on your Christmas list early this year if you want to be able to cross items off.

This warning comes as supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic are driving up prices and leading to a growing shortage of goods.

At Miner’s Toy Store in Ocean Springs, it’s not an uncommon sight to see workers wrapping Christmas gifts for eager customers.

Owner Merileigh Miner Furr has been stocking up on goods all year in anticipation of possible shipping delays. “It’s been smooth so far, but a lot of companies have been cutting off any new order well into January next year. So, I’m very glad I ordered as much as I did because I’m getting so many emails saying the deadline is midnight.”

The store has already gone through a roll of wrapping paper and considering how early customers are starting their Christmas shopping this year, if you haven’t already started you might want to join them.

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