Local business owner matching donations for CASA programs around the Coast

For several years, the owner of the Blind Tiger and Marina Cantina has done a matching donation for CASA of Hancock County. However, this year he is expanding his reach.

What started off as a kind gesture from Thomas Genin, owner of the Blind Tiger and Marina Cantina, has become a tradition where he matches the money raised from CASA of Hancock County’s End of the Year Campaign. “Eight years ago, we just made a donation to CASA and then we came up with the idea a year later, instead of writing a check, we would challenge other businesses and individuals.”

The first year, Genin pledged $5,000 and in that first year over $17,000 was raised. To continue his efforts in giving back, he decided to continue to help CASA of Hancock County, but also expanded his reach to CASA of Harrison and Jackson counties. “In talking with Harrison County and Jackson County, CASA has volunteers, employees, and they are overwhelmed. They are busy. They love what they do and my wife and I can’t find a better charity to try to raise money for.”

For every dollar that is donated, the Marina Cantina and Blind Tiger restaurants will match up to $5,000. CASA of Harrison and Stone County Executive Director Tiffany Dillard says the fund will allow more children to be served by an advocate. “Currently, we have 31 children on our waiting list. So, that is 31 children that are in need of a consistent adult that currently don’t have an adult.”

Due to the pandemic, it was difficult for CASA to raise funds, so the need is greater than ever this year. CASA of Hancock County Executive Director Cynthia Chauvin said, “We are just so incredibly grateful for this opportunity to end the year on a really positive note, in a year in which financially has been very tough for nonprofits.”

The end of the year campaign will kick off December 1st and end on December 31st.

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