Local business leaders gather for Gulf Coast Business Council Meeting

There was a full room of business leaders inside the Knight Nonprofit Center for the Gulf Coast Business Council meeting.

Guest Speaker Dr. Christopher Smith provided a very detailed presentation on topics pertaining to regional economics and legislature.

Members took part in several polls to express their opinion on the Coast’s current economic state. Participants were concerned that inflation was the biggest economic risk factor while finding and retaining talent was the most pressing issue for the Gulf Coast Defense Industrial Base. Gulf Coast Business Council CEO/President Jamie Miller said, “Their input is valuable to us obviously, so we take that national data, that state data, and we compare it to what our local CEO’s are seeing, and then we try to make policy decisions or advocate for policies that will bring us the outcomes that will grow our economy for everybody.”

Dr. Smith said, “We are out performing some of our neighbors right. Some of our bigger and better-known neighbors. If you look at petrochemicals or if you’re looking at aerospace defense, if you’re looking at the blue economy, we’re really you know in terms of our competitors as factors are doing really quite well.”

If you want more information on the Gulf Coast Business Council, visit msgcbc.org.

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