Local business finalist in Mississippi Makers Challenge

Redline Lumtronix in Ocean Springs is gearing up to head to Jackson as finalist in the second annual Mississippi Makers Challenge sponsored by Hancock Whitney, but they need the public’s help in winning the competition.

Redline Lumtronix specializes in handmade halo headlights. Patented in 2017, the headlights are known for their black illusion headlights and clear halogen bulbs.

The Mississippi Makers Challenge gives manufacturing businesses a chance to compete and showcase their work. Redline Lumtronix CEO Curtis Giametta said, “Anytime a company can get an award and get some sort of recognition for what they do, it is a big deal. I think we are getting recognition for a product that lasts and customer service that takes care of the customer no matter what.”

Redline Lumtronix COO Joseph Giametta said, “It’s pretty impressive how far this business has come and you know how much people love our product and support it and buy from us all over the country and outside of the country. So, it has definitely blossomed into something amazing.”

Voting concludes Friday at 3 p.m. Voters may cast their vote once per day per device. Go to msmakerschallenge.com and click on the vote tab.

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