Local business benefiting from new Farm Bill

On Thursday, President Trump signed the $867 billion farm bill into law. Along with aiding farmers, this bill also legalizes hemp and CBD which had previously been considered a schedule one drug.

The Farm Bill is a big deal for many local business owners, like Brittany Bailey who just opened her CBD only store today. “We are really excited because this is new to Gulfport. We are the first all CBD store in Gulfport.’

CBD is an oil that is extracted from hemp, but does not contain the psychoactive THC that is found in marijuana. “CBD is a cannabinoid and we all have indocanninoid systems in our body, just like our immune system, so when you take CBD it helps produce more in your body naturally,” said Bailey.

Brittany suffers from epilepsy and depression which is how her journey with CBD began. “CBD hits home for me. I really didn’t know a lot about it until a couple of months ago. I have epilepsy and I was also on medicine for depression and I started looking into other ways. My medication was very expensive and I was looking for something else I could do with that and I found CBD.”

Now she wants to help the community find more natural and affordable solutions to health problems. “It’s going to target multiple things like arthritis, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, Crohn’s, there is pain management. There are so many benefits from CBD and we just want to share it with everyone.”

The CBD comes in all forms from water droplets to gummies and they even have CBD treats for your dog. “So we formulated treats for your pets. If you have a pet who suffers from anxiety through thunderstorms and they can take a couple treats to help that.”

The legislation will officially go into effect in January.

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