Local basketball teams celebrate a special moment

A sweet moment on a Gulfport basketball court, one that will fill your heart with love. It happened during a sixth-grade basketball game at St. James Catholic Elementary School Friday night.

They were playing Resurrection. One of the Resurrection players with special needs gets the ball, but misses his shot.

Everyone is eager to give him another shot, and once he’s handed the ball, Grayson finally scores!

Just a beautiful example of good sportsmanship. Grayson’s mom, Karly Ricardson said, “My husband and I were both there and we both kind of had to bite our tongue, fighting back tears, because you just get so excited and it really becomes emotional knowing that I mean everybody there on both teams were there to support your child.”

Grayson said, “I was excited. Mom and dad cried. They love me.”

Karly posted to Facebook after the game about how much it meant to her, saying this week is Catholic Schools Week and this moment on the court is what it is all about.