Local band recaps Vegas shooting

A country band with a performer who graduated from Southern Miss was in Las Vegas Sunday night playing just hours before the deadly shooting.
Gary Stanton with Muscadine Bloodline spoke with News 25 of the horrible incident.
Stanton explains he and his band mate, Charlie Muncaster, heard what they thought was pyrotechnics coming from the concert and then began to see people duck to the ground. Stanton and Muncaster were by an exit gate and ran into their friend’s tour bus to take cover.
Stanton tells News 25 he was completely shocked by the situation. “But after it kind of died down, we made sure to go find everybody that we had and made sure they were safe. One of our band members, he had aided some wounded people that were on the other side of the stage where they got the heavy firing and he was helping people out. He saw people with gun wounds and people getting shot and laying there. It was a pretty traumatic thing for him.”
Stanton says their hearts go out to the families and people affected by this tragedy and that plans are in the works for a fundraiser in Nashville.

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