Local Artwork that went Viral is finished in Gulfport

A local artist is done with the latest masterpiece in Fishbone Alley.
After graffiti caused him trouble with the law, Ocean Springs resident Nicholas Cook decided to use his talent for the better. Now his work is the newest installation of Fishbone Alley’s ever-changing artwork in Gulfport.
Cook’s wall-mural started grabbing people’s attention Super Bowl Sunday and then his progress went viral on Facebook.
Wrapping up this weeks’ worth of work, Cook tells News 25 he’s decided to name his masterpiece ‘Jerika’ after one of the other artists who had her hand in the alley’s artwork. “What I like about this whole Fishbone Alley is that not every single artist is the same. We all do something different. I think that’s what’s really cool about this whole project is everyone’s bringing something different to the table. The whole aspect of making it funky, everyone’s always progressing, always doing something different. I try to be better than the last piece I did before. It’s all about evolution pretty much. That’s what I like about it.”
Fishbone Alley is located in downtown Gulfport in the middle of 26th and 27th Avenue.

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