Local 12-year old Jaylen Finley’s selfless birthday wish

It’s Jaylen Finley’s 12th birthday, his one and only birthday wish was to feed the homeless.

News 25’s Sabria Reid takes us to Back Bay Mission in Biloxi where Jaylen and his family fed those in need.

It is Jaylen Finley’s birthday wish to give gifts instead of receive them. At Back Bay Mission in Biloxi, this selfless young man spent his 12th birthday feeding those in need. “It gives me hope that I can inspire more people to do it.”

Jaylen is a sixth grader at Crossroads Elementary in Gulfport. He likes to play Fortnite and his favorite subject is reading.

His grandma Gracie Finley tells News 25 Jaylen is just a normal kid, but she foresees him making a huge impact that could change the world. “It’s gonna be a lifelong career for him with helping people and moving forward with what he’s gonna do for the rest of his life.”

Jaylen’s mother, Kendra Harris, is a master sergeant in the Air Force and due to work hasn’t always been with Jaylen on his birthday, but this year, she’s here and impressed by his decision to want to feed the homeless. “I’m thinking hey, what do you want to do for your birthday, and he says, “Oh I don’t want anything I just want to give back.’ I think I asked him are you sure three times and he was like, “yes mom, I’m sure,” and I was like okay.”

Gracie reached out to Burger King to ask the restaurant if they could help. The restaurant agreed to donate 40 breakfast meals. “He is giving out sausage and biscuits, hash browns, orange juice, and he is making his birthday wish come true.”

Back Bay Mission is thankful for the birthday boy’s decision. Back Bay Mission Director of Client Services Kenney Washington said, “We all have the opportunity to be someone to somebody and he’s taking this day to be that someone to somebody.”

Speaking like a true leader, Jaylen wants to give so the less fortunate have a chance in life.

Twelve-year-old Jaylen Finley says he hopes to be an inspiration to his peers. He hopes his act of kindness will lead to a trend that they also will follow. “I hope this starts a pop up and everybody starts doing and this is a new trend.”

Jaylen will continue to touch people’s lives. This coming Sunday at noon, Jaylen will be serving pizza to feed 50 people at Seashore Mission Homeless Day Center.

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