Loaves and Fishes offering extended services to the community

COVID-19 has caused the need for help to go up exponentially, one Biloxi based non-profit is going above and beyond to meet the needs of those in our local community while also expanding their services.

Like it’s namesake and biblical background story, Loaves and Fishes feeds the multitudes and in the wake of COVID, they’re going above and beyond their primary mission of serving free hot meals several days a week. Loaves and Fishes Executive Director Leslie Ramon said, “We do Community Giveaway first and third Thursday definitely every month. If we have supplies available, we’ll do an extra Thursday thrown in there. Usually anywhere from 50 to 150 tickets we have available. Go to our Facebook page. If we’re going to have a Community Giveaway, I will post Wednesday at 2 pm a link to Eventbrite where they can register. It’s one ticket per person. They can register on there. Come up, show their ID, and we’ll give them some groceries to take home.”

“We have a great group of volunteers who come and help us on Thursdays, help us get things going. We couldn’t do it without them.”

Aliese Halcomb started out as a volunteer when her husband’s military job landed them here on the Coast. Fast-forward a year later and she’s found her place as the nonprofit’s new operations manager. “I go to a church in Ocean Springs, and I asked my pastor where I should volunteer at, and this was the first place he said. I contacted Leslie. They said come on down. I came the day after and never left.”

Loaves and Fishes also just launched another new program called the Clothing Closet which also provides help to those in need right here in our local community. “During the middle of COVID, there was a lot of demand for new things so we started doing the Clothing Closet. We got a little more organized. It’s open daily. People are allowed to come in and receive once a week. We’re always in need of men’s clothing. We have tons of women’s clothing. We definitely need men’s clothing of all sizes.”

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