Live Local: La Pointe-Krebs House in Pascagoula

For this week’s edition of Live Local, News 25’s Lorraine Weiskopf takes us to a building in Pascagoula that you may be able to see this May during it’s rededication ceremony.

Pascagoula’s Le Pointe-Krebs House is also known as the Old Spanish Fort. It was built by a French man, Joseph Simon de la Pointe, in 1757. La Pointe Krebs Foundation President Liz Ford said, “It’s the oldest structure in Mississippi and it is the oldest confirmed building in the entire Mississippi Valley.”

After his death, his German son-in-law Hugo Krebs received the property, hence its name La Pointe Krebs house.

The house was eventually deeded to the Jackson County Board of Supervisors and is used today for education with its own museum. In 2012, the La Pointe Krebs Foundation was established. President Liz Ford is very passionate for the history and preservation of the home. One might say she’s committed to her family, Krebs had 14 children. “There are a lot of descendants that are still here. The last name isn’t always Krebs, but there are many, many, many of which I am one.”

Today you can still spot the old home sitting on the shore of Lake Catahoula, but you can’t visit it yet. The house is being restored and the rededication of the house is set for Saturday, May 15th, on Krebs’ 307th birthday. La Pointe Krebs Executive Director Matthew Powell said, “We’re trying to get it completed as much as possible before then. This is it the oldest home in Mississippi, which kind of warrants the restoration taking place.”

Powell says that it is a slow process, but within reason. “You have to use materials that are historic to the home. You can’t use woods that might not have been used at that time or methods.”

Restoration efforts taking us back to the 19th century at the La Pointe-Krebs House.

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