Live Local: Burger Burger in Biloxi

For this week’s edition of Live Local, we learn the history behind Burger Burger, a restaurant on Howard Avenue in Biloxi.

It’s named after its trademarked sandwich that’s recipe hasn’t changed since it first opened doors in 1947.

Burger Burger in Biloxi, a diner named after their signature dish item. It’s a unique sandwich with a special sauce drizzled on top.

The original hamburger was crafted and sold by a famous jazz musician from New Orleans named Albert Brunies. Biloxi Library Historian Jane Shambra said, “He put together this little place that wasn’t big. It was little. They called it ‘Little Abbies’ and it was a very small place to get a hamburger. A lot of people think maybe Abbie is named after a girl and it’s a guy. It was his nickname.”

He and his wife Mildred opened the restaurant in 1947 and it quickly became a local favorite. The owner was a trumpet player from a well-known musical family and practical joker. “People tell me that he had these coins and he would glue them to the countertop and people would try to pick them up to mess with him and they couldn’t as they were cemented to the counter.”

The restaurant would eventually be bought by one very devoted customer. Owner Martha Ann Ebberman said, “I used to live in New Orleans and I would get my mother when we would come for the weekend, I would make her get me two of them. So, I’ve had a lot.”

Ebberman is a Biloxi native that bought the restaurant in 1987.  “In ’93, we closed the original Burger Burger. I went to an Ocean Springs location and retired then saw this property had become available and this is back in Biloxi where it belongs and we’ve been here 20 years.”

They have no intentions of leaving. The restaurant survived the shutdown, the BP oil spill, and even Hurricane Katrina as it was one of the last remaining restaurants after the storm. “We were it. I think that’s really what boosted everything for us because there were people that had never had a burger before and they wanted it.”

The restaurant has been a part of Biloxi’s rich history and it will continue to do so as it dishes out the original Burger Burger.

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