Live Local: Biloxi Tricentennial Mosaic

Lace up your shoes and take a stroll with News 25’s Lorraine Weiskopf in today’s edition of Live Local, a series you can catch here on News 25 on Thursdays.

Today, we take you to stop number 21 of the Biloxi Walking Tour: the Biloxi Tricentennial Mosaic.

The mosaic is tribute to Biloxi’s tricentennial celebration in 1999. For the city’s celebration, locals submitted ideas for the mosaic and local artist Elizabeth Veglia pieced together Biloxi’s rich history. Biloxi Library Historian Jane Shambra said, “Starting with the Native Americans in the beginning and you go down, it’s kind of like a timeline and then you see the boats coming here with D’Iberville and Bienville.”

You can see a variety of landmarks and events documented within the mosaic like the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum, the Blessing of the Fleet, Biloxi Lighthouse, and much more. “At the very end you see a tribute to Apollo 13. One of our native sons, Fred Haise, was actually one of the astronauts.”

The mosaic hugs a wall at 136 G.E. Ohr Street, a street named after the Mad Potter of Biloxi, an artist that had a vision ahead of his time. “It wasn’t always G.E. Ohr Street. It was originally Delauney Street, but interestingly enough that was one of the places that George Ohr had his pottery shop.”

A now empty field that stands beside the mosaic in front of Biloxi City Hall was once the grounds for the Biloxi Library and George Ohr Museum, although it was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.

While the pottery shop, library, and museum are gone, G.E Ohr Street takes you to a place with 300 years of history set in stone.

Live Local is made possible through the support of the Biloxi Library System.

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