‘Little Big Shots’ Hollywood Sweepstakes Looks for Amazing Kids

NBC’s upcoming new primetime series “Little Big Shots,” which features the world’s most talented and extraordinary kids, is ready to bring an amazing kid to California to visit Universal Studios Hollywood and attend a live taping of the Emmy Award-winning series “The Voice.”

The “Little Big Shots Hollywood Sweepstakes” is asking for parents or legal guardians to enter videos of their children (ages 4-17) doing amazing things — such as singing, dancing, sports, academic achievements or other astonishing activities — that would wow the public. A winner will be randomly selected. The entries will be displayed in a gallery for others to view throughout the contest.

“The ‘Little Big Shots’ Hollywood Sweepstakes is a great way for families to participate in the fun from home and showcase their amazing kids and talents,” said executive producer Steve Harvey.

Parents simply need to upload a video of their wow-worthy kid performing their talents for this showcase and a chance to win. The video should be no longer than three minutes, include only a public domain song if the child singing or playing an instrument and, if the child is dancing, use only “Happy” by Pharrell Williams as background music.

The sweepstakes begin ‪March 1 and ‪end April 1. There is no purchase necessary to enter or win. For more information, go to ‪www.LittleBigShotsSweeps.com.

“Little Big Shots” is set to premiere ‪Sunday, March 13, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, from two of the biggest names in comedy, executive producers Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey. The series will have a special sneak preview ‪on Tuesday, March 8 at 10 p.m.

The series showcases young talent, from musicians, singers and dancers to a 4-year-old basketball phenom, a 5-year-old reincarnation of Bruce Lee and every form of wunderkind from around the globe. These gifted performers will awe the nation with their talents, slay us with their cuteness and wow us with their accomplishments. These phenomenal kids show us once and for all that talent is born, not made.

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