Littering can impact the economy and environment

Littering is a worldwide problem that’s not only unsightly on our highways and streets, but it also impacts our economy and environment.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation spends more than $3 million cleaning up litter each year.

Litter is not only expensive, but also can be hurtful to people, wildlife, and marine ecosystems due to entanglements, toxicity, and ingestion.

Litter also has indirect economic costs when it comes to real estate, loss of tourism, and loss of new industry and businesses, not to mention the damage to the image to the local community and Mississippi. Michael Olivier with the Committee 100 for Economic Development said, “When I visit a place that has a semblance of being clean, you notice it and this is a thing that site selectors look for. it’s not the only thing, it’s one of a myriad of things they culminate a determination on the community and the workforce.”

Even though it is a global problem, litter can be controlled and you can help make a difference.

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