Listening session for Ocean Springs community

A listening session was held earlier this evening in Ocean Springs for neighbors to voice any concerns and ask any questions.

City leaders from Ocean Springs, Jackson County, and Place SLR created a space for open dialogue among Ocean Springs residents.

During the meeting, residents who live within the triangle of Ocean Springs Road, Highway 90, and Highway 57 voiced suggestions about ways to prevent future flooding in their area.

Place SLR is working to support future flooding resilience. During a table activity, residents voiced activities they enjoy, environment friendly spaces they’d like to see more of, and natural alternatives to drain flood waters out of neighborhoods. Place SLR Program Director Renee Collini said, “We’ve been seeing some uptick in flooding and we know that people are interested in coming here and moving here and we want to get ahead of some of that flooding particularly storm water flooding and we got some money to look into specific ways to do that. So, we want to ask residents, let them tell us what they’d like to see, maybe look at infrastructure, in addition to helping move storm water, is a fun place to walk or something good to look at and serves multiple purposes.”

Place SLR is hosting another community connection dialogue January 23rd at the GCLR Marine Education. For more information visit

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