Lingering impacts from Claudette on the Coast

While Tropical Storm Claudette is gone, the bad weather didn’t leave with it.

With the chances high for a rainy week, this is bad news for river flooding in Harrison County. The Biloxi and Wolf River are both in flood stage and with the incoming rain, it will take longer for them to drain.

A few roads are closed and you can find a list posted of the road closures on the county’s web page as well as an interactive map.

The page is being updated directly by the road department to ensure it is the most up to date information. Harrison County EMA Director Matt Stratton said, “There were a few more people out on the roads than I would have preferred. Everybody needs to make their own decision for their situation. When you have these intense tropical rainfalls, you want to stay off them as much as possible. Not only does it put members of the public at risk, but our first responders at risk to come out and assist if they do get in a bad situation.”

There were a few tornadoes that touchdown briefly in Harrison County in Pass Christian and Long Beach. One caused damaged to about 20 homes.

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