Limbs for Life Bridge Walk

For those who have had a limb amputated, the road to recovery is a long one. A prosthetic can help them get life back to normal a little more quickly, but obtaining one isn’t always easy.
For Gulf Coast vibrio survivor Joseph Smith, his insurance covered it, but that’s not always the case which is why he got involved with Limbs for Life, a non-profit that provides prosthetics for those who cannot afford it.
Saturday, he’s hosting a walk on the Ocean Springs-Biloxi bridge to help raise funds so more people struggling with recovery can get what Smith calls a “life-changing” prosthetic. “It just gives them a chance to be back in the normal world, which is what we all strive for. Everybody takes advantage of having two legs and two arms and things like that, but when it’s gone it is so monumental to have that replaced by something that is almost as good that allows you to become a part of society again.”
The walk will take place from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. on Saturday beginning on the Ocean Springs side of the bridge. You can donate on site or do so online at

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