Lights for Lives

For the month of September, we honor the memories of victims of suicide.
Tonight, the Keesler Air Force Base held a candle light vigil and sky lantern vigil for people who lost their loved ones to suicide. The event, Lights for Lives, will honor those memories as well as promote suicide prevention and intervention efforts.
Families gathered along Biloxi Beach in front of the White House Hotel with the candles and lanterns lighting up the sky.
Officials with Keesler explain events like this are important to raise awareness and remember the lives that were lost. Keesler Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Captain Katie Wijdenes said, “It’s events like this where we’re able to come together not only with just the Air Force community, but with the community at large that allows us the opportunity to remember those who have been victims of suicide as well as the opportunity to remember that this is something that’s treatable.”
Keesler explains they try to bring awareness to suicide prevention every year.

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