Lightning Believed to be Cause of Fire on Cat Island

Harrison County fire officials believe the massive fire that engulfed the eastern end of Cat Island yesterday was caused by lightning.
Intense flames were burning well into the night and traveled across six acres of land plus marsh areas. Officials report no injuries or property damage to the handful of homes on the island.
Multiple fire departments, along with the Coast Guard and DMR, left around 11 o’clock last night when they declared the fire under control and non-threatening to the residents.
Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan said, “I think the uniqueness of it was the fact that it was the island. It took us a while to get our resources together. We had to transport everything out there and we didn’t have all the equipment that we would bring to a fire on land, but overall it went the way we thought it should go.”
Officials say the fire spread as far as it did on the island because the area is very brush heavy and the under growth has not been cleared in a long time.
Pat Sullivan says today’s rain has helped extinguish the fire totally.

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