Lighthouse Comfort Station Coming to Waveland

Mayor Mike Smith has big plans for the Waveland waterfront.
He recently released plans for a lighthouse comfort station. The station will have several features including one important thing residents say the beach is missing: a bathroom.
News 25’s Bryan Kennedy has the details.
Lesley McGovern frequently travels with her family to the beach in Waveland from Slidell. For her, the new lighthouse comfort station can’t come soon enough. “That would be amazing. I mean, it would be some place to shower off when you get out of the sand. Cool off and use the restroom, of course. Hopefully there’s water fountains and stuff because during the summertime it can get pretty scorching out here,” said McGovern.
Plans are for the lighthouse to be built on the beach between the Veterans Memorial and Garfield Ladner Pier. The 1.3 million dollar lighthouse will be 70 feet tall and about 70 feet wide. It will feature showers and deck space for events.
Mayor Mike Smith says, “And the whole thing about the lighthouse is just something unique for Waveland. Because we don’t have a lot of uniqueness, we want to bring that back.”
The mayor tells News 25 that he plans on asking the Hancock County Board of Supervisors for money from the Tideland Fund to help pay for the lighthouse.

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