Lighthouse Academy holds second annual Dyslexia Summit to help educators

Lighthouse Academy for Dyslexia hosted their second annual Southeastern Dyslexia Summit.

The Beau Rivage Camellia ballroom was filled with individual dyslexia therapists and educators from both public and private schools.

The individuals collaborated with each other all day long to discuss how they can increase literacy across the state of Mississippi.

The event included different keynote speakers and breakout sessions that are geared towards learning about dyslexia, remediation, and many other different topics. Lighthouse Academy Marketing Director Stephanie Hill said, “Research shows us that one in five students have dyslexia, so that looks almost 100,000 students across the state of Mississippi. So. it’s not just a small population of students, it’s a large issue that we all need to be talking about to move the needle further for literacy in our state.”

Lighthouse Academy Executive Director Tracy Barrientostraci said, “They were able to experience dyslexia simulations. They were able to look at how sleep impacts IQ and ADHD. They were able to look at positive psychology and the effects that has on learning and classroom management.”

The Lighthouse Academy is eager to provide positive results in children’s abilities to read, write, and spell with calculated therapy.

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