Lighten Up program

Well there’s never a bad time of year to kick it in gear and start getting in shape.
Let’s Go Gulf Coast is hosting their Lighten Up program once again at the Singing River Healthplex. The program focuses on making 5-2-1-0 your goal every day. Five fruits and vegetables, two hours or less a day of recreational screen time, at least one hour of physical activity, and zero sugary drinks. The program hosted its first weigh in tonight as competitors will return for their final weigh in six weeks from now.
Program Director Kelsey Keel tells News 25 why it is important to be aware of your health. “As we know, Mississippi is one of the least healthy states and we just need to change that and a lot of problems I hear in the community is they don’t know how to start being healthy or they don’t know where to be active and we’re trying to link people to resources in the community and our program is free. People get the opportunity to try CrossFit classes for free and they get to the healthplex and try some fitness classes for free or Total Fitness 365.”
The program looks to add more people to its group this year, topping last year’s number of 600 people.

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