Libby the Sailing Cat is a popular face around the Biloxi Harbor

Libby the Sailing Cat isn’t like other cats, she’s a cool cat! Five-year-old Libby has lived on a sail boat for most of her life.

What is another cat’s nightmare is Libby’s dream. While she’s not willing to take a dip in the water, Libby has no problem with being surrounded by it.

Libby likes to spend her days sun bathing on the deck and stealing shrimp from others in the harbor.

She’s gained popularity around the Biloxi Harbor and has become a friend to many her owner KC told News 25. “Sometimes she comes out and hangs out on the bow of the boat and watched people walking by and all the tourist and stuff, so they just love her and come out. And usually when I’m out having dinner or out in the town, people come up to me – instead of asking how I am, they go ‘Where’s Libby?’. So, she’s quite popular.”

You can follow along on Libby’s journey on her Facebook page ‘Libby the Sailing Cat.’

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