‘Let Mississippi Vote’ campaign for state flag ballot referendum

Not everyone is in support of removing the old Mississippi state flag, the campaign ‘Let Mississippi Vote’ is trying to put the old flag back on the ballot.

Their goal is to allow Mississippians to vote to keep their current state flag or choose a new one. ‘Let Mississippi Vote’ wants to have four flags on the ballot:  the bicentennial flag, the Stennis flag, the new flag from the design committee, and the former flag.

So far their campaign has completed the first step of getting 7,000 of the required 5,000 volunteers. Now, they’re beginning the ballot initiative and their wording for the referendum is at the Attorney General’s Office and waiting on approval.

If they get approval they will establish a petition and start collecting signatures. Organizer Dan Carr said, “Mississippians should be the ones who vote on the flag. Their voices are the ones that should matter, not outside the state of Mississippi, not the NFL, not the NCAA, not these big corporations. The people of Mississippi, that flag represents us, that’s the people’s flag.”

For more information on the ‘Let Mississippi Vote’ campaign visit www.letmsvote.com or visit their Facebook page.

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