Lessons learned from 2020

Gulf Coast residents are hopeful for a better 2021. Families spent time on the beach grateful for the time they have together.

On the first day of 2021, families on the Gulf Coast gathered on the beach enjoying our warm January weather and reflecting on things they learned in 2020. Pass Christian resident Holly Rhodes said, “Time is a gift and we were given extra time with our families. Things were forced to slow down and to be intentional with our time with each other.”

For some, realizing the importance of family put everything into perspective. Long Beach resident Robert Rogers said, “Overall not to take anything for granted would probably be my biggest take away. So, a lot more family time which was good which was needed.”

2020 has allowed for a lot more family time. However, kids are excited to hopefully one day get back to school on a normal schedule. Long Beach resident Kathryn Ogilvie said, “Hopefully a full year of school with no stops. Seeing my friends more. Hopefully not having to separate from them and hopefully be able to go to school without a mask on.”

The simple things are missed the most. “We used to go out the movies a lot. We’d like to do something like that. As a family we used to gather with groups of friends that we can’t see, there are some friends that I haven’t seen in over a year because of the situation. Just trying to play it safe and get back to a little more normality.”

The only way to have a better 2021? Baton Rouge resident Camille Riche said, “by social distancing and wearing all of our masks and all following the rules.”

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