LeGarrette Blount makes second straight Super Bowl appearance with different team

“There’s a lot of guys that’s played in this league that have never even been to the playoffs and much less a Super Bowl, so it’s pretty tough to do. And the fact that I’ve won two is a really, really big accomplishment for me.” That was Philadelphia running back LaGarrette Blount at Biloxi’s Keesler Air Force Base over the summer, talking about his two world championships with the New England Patriots.
Little did he know then he would be back in the Super Bowl less than seven months later with his new team.
Blount is one of six Eagles players with prior Super Bowl experience compared to the 35 guys on the Patriots roster.
The East Mississippi Community College alum says the Pats abandoned him during the off-season, but he’s not taking it personally. Either way, he’s playing for his third Super Bowl ring on Sunday. “Everything worked out the way it was supposed to work out. It’s something that it’s a business, you know? It’s a business like any other business, it’s something that you can’t take it personally and I don’t. It’s just a business, man. You can’t do anything about it. Either things work out for the team that you’re with or they don’t, and you’ve got to move on. It’s a career decision.”
You can watch Super Bowl 52 on WXXV on NBC at 5:30 on Sunday.

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