Legally blond PRCC Wildcats ready for World Series run

Before the Pearl River Community College baseball team left for the NJCAA Division II World Series on Wednesday, Head Coach Michael Avalon said he was going to get with the program and dye his hair blond.

News 25 can now confirm, he’s since followed through with his promise.

The Legally Blond Wildcats are now less than 48 hours away from leading off their tournament run as the top seed in the ten-team double elimination field.

PRCC heads into the big dance as well prepared as anyone, having won a state championship and a Region XII championship in the same season for the first time in program history.

Now back in Enid, Oklahoma for the third time in program history and the first time since 2019, the Wildcats appear to be the perfect mix of confident and humble before their date with destiny. 2nd baseman Taylor Woodcock said, “Being on a road trip to Enid is just something special to us and that’s really all I came back for is to go win a national championship, and I’m glad I did.”

Pitcher Leif Moore said, “Being here, this is my third year, it’s unreal, and it’s something I’ve dreamed of since day one here, since I’ve signed to Pearl River. It’s just been something I’ve always wanted. And we’ve got a chance to do it.”

Centerfielder Tate Parker said, “I’m most proud of that everybody on this team has stayed humble through it all. Nobody has gotten the big head and everybody has stayed humble and just kept their composure through it all, and that’s why we’re having the success we’re having.”

Head Coach Michael Avalon said, “Our ultimate goal all year was to be national champions, and we know that’s not easy to say. It’s easy for us to say it. We know that’s not easy to do. But that’s been our goal since day one. That’s what these guys want to do. That’s what I think these guys are going to go over there and give it their best shot.”

1st baseman D.K. Donaldson said, “It’s always a blessing to get to do another thing as a team together, and with all that, I mean it’s just another step of our journey. It’s the final step of our journey, I should say. But it’s a special group of guys, special friendships and this isn’t really a baseball team – this is a whole other set of brotherhood.”

PRCC leads off its World Series run at 1 p.m. Sunday against the winner of Saturday’s 8-9 match-up.

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